Vector Design Services

raster vs vector images

MESA Design Services offers production-ready vector art files suitable for many promotional print and apparel decorating applications. Vector files are often the preferable file format because you can easily change the design's size and/or colors with absolutely no loss of quality. The same vector image can be used to create small images for websites, large images for signs, and everything in between.

Although MESA also offers embroidery digitizing services, sometimes an embroiderer wants a vector version of a file, either to easily allow resizing for future embroidery designs, or to utilize the same image in other applications.

Some examples of businesses and applications that use vector images are:

  • Sign Shops
  • Screen Print Shops
  • Direct to Garment Printers
  • Engraving Applications
  • Vinyl Cutter Applications

Embroidery Digitizing Services

digitizing service

MESA has been in the embroidery industry for over 25 years, so you can rest assured that we fully understand what makes an embroidery design stitch out beautifully.

All designs are manually digitized by expert digitizers with many years of experience. No auto-digitizing here! By choosing the best stitch type and density for your project, we create an embroidery file that will stitch out beautifully every time. For quality control, we then stitch out the design onto the same type of material you specified, ensuring the design is tailored specifically to your needs.

Please note: At this time, MESA does not digitize chenille designs.