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Why Choose MESA Design Services?

Great embroidery results every time

25 Years in the Embroidery Industry

With over 25 years in the embroidery industry, and 15 years in the dtg printing industry, plus many years experience with vinyl cutters, rhinestone machines, screen printing, pad printing, and all of the associated software programs, MESA has a thorough understanding of the apparel decorating and advertising specialty industry. We know how important it is to produce a high quality final product.

Easy to Use - Beautiful Results

You have a business to run, and final product to finish. Let us help. MESA's embroidery digitizing services and vector design services are fast, reliable, and affordable. More importantly, the files we provide will be easy to use and produce beautiful results. Please note that at this time, we only provide embroidery digitizing files or vector files. We cannot provide digitizing for chenille machines.

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25 Years Serving Apparel Decorators MESA has been serving apparel decorators for over 25 years. Don't risk your reputation with any of the thousands of unknown individuals or companies offering similar services. Even if you don't choose MESA, please research the company before sending your digitizing or vectorizing jobs to them - you (and your customers) might be disappointed with the results. We hope you'll choose MESA because of our proven experience and commitment to apparel decorators.